Coloured Road Studs in Qatar

Road Studs

Road studs also known as cat’s eyes, are reflective safety devices that are used to mark the road and provide guidance to drivers in low-light conditions. The studs are made up of a metal or plastic casing and a glass or plastic lens that contains a reflective material. The colour of the studs is an important factor in road safety, as it helps to indicate the type of road or location and can provide important information to drivers. In this blog, we’ll explore the different road stud colours and what they mean.

See It, Stay Safe: A Guide to Road Stud Colors

Ever wondered what those colorful bumps on the road mean? They're not just decoration – road studs use color to keep you safe! Here's a quick breakdown:

  • 🔴 Red Road Studs Look left! Red studs mark the left edge of motorways and dual carriageways.
  • 🟠 Amber Road Studs Stay centered. Amber studs mark the central reservation on these roads, separating traffic lanes.
  • 🟢 Green Road Studs Rural guidance. Green studs mark the edge of rural roads and can indicate safe crossing zones.
  • ⚪ White Road Studs: Urban edge. White studs mark the edge of roads in busy urban areas.
  • 🟡 Yellow Road Studs: Stay in your lane! Yellow studs, sometimes used alongside amber, also separate traffic on the central reservation.

Remember, these colors are highly visible, even at night, to help you navigate safely. So, next time you see a colored stud, you'll know exactly what it means!

Bonus Tip (for Qatar): Familiarize yourself with these colors to enhance your driving safety in Qatar.

coloured road studs

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