Thermoplastic Road Marking

Manycon Construction Company is Expert in Thermoplastic Road marking in Qatar and Saudi.

Road markings are crucial in keeping highways, drivers and passengers safe. Composed of synthetic resin and premix glass beads, thermoplastic road markings have been a popular and superior choice for road safety. Manycon has the experience and expertise to provide unparalleled services in hot thermoplastic road marking for various projects across the country. Ours is a team of highly skilled professionals who can handle projects of all sizes and complexities with the fastest turnaround time.

With its excellent reflection properties, thermoplastic markings provide ultra-high visibility even at night or in bad weather conditions, catching drivers’ attention almost instantly. At Manycon Construction Company, we use white and yellow thermoplastic paint and glass beads for the road marking.

Advantages of Thermoplastic Road Markings;

1. Exceptional Durability: Manycon utilizes thermoplastic paint known for its remarkable durability, making it an excellent choice for road markings in Qatar’s harsh weather conditions.

2. Heat-Induced Fusion: The unique heat-induced fusion process ensures that the markings last longer and remain in place even under stress, contributing to the reliability of the road infrastructure.

3. High Reflectivity: Even in the intense heat of Qatar, Manycon thermoplastic paint maintains excellent visibility, enhancing road safety day and night.

Thermoplastic Road Marking

ThermoplasticRoad marking Application procedure:

Surface Preparation:

Before applying thermoplastic markings proper surface preparation is essential. The road surface must be thoroughly clean to remove dirt, debris, & any existing markings.

Pre marking

After surface preparation we must pre-mark the road marking as we required in the sites. This is necessary step to follow when will apply road markings.


Once the thermoplastic material is melted, it’s applied to the road surface using various method, such as extrusion, spray or screed. While spray guns are used for creating more intricate markings like symbols & arrows.

Adding Glass Beads:

To enhance visibility at night, glass beads are often embedded into the freshly applied thermoplastic markings. These beads reflect light from vehicle headlights, increasing the markings visibility in low light conditions.

Cooling and Drying:

After the thermoplastic material is applied and glass are added, it needs time to cool and solidify. Once cooled, the marking are ready for traffic.

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