Why blue colour roads in Qatar?

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) initiated a pilot project wherein roads are coated in blue to mitigate asphalt temperatures by 15-20 degrees Celsius. Unlike dark-colored asphalt, which absorbs substantial heat from sunlight, resulting in uncomfortably hot conditions for pedestrians and drivers, the application of blue pigment aims to alleviate these issues, particularly during hot weather.

Curious about the striking blue color of the road near Souq Waqif? The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has the answer: It's part of a groundbreaking cool pavement project aimed at combating heat.

Recently, Ashghal completed the pilot implementation of this innovative project, utilizing asphalt infused with a cooling substance that minimizes solar radiation effects. The trial spanned approximately 200 meters of vehicle lanes on Abdullah Bin Jassim Street near Souq Waqif, as well as 200 meters of pedestrian and bicycle paths near Katara.

Over the next 18 months, the project will undergo thorough examination to assess its effectiveness and potential for broader application.

To gauge its impact on asphalt temperature, specialized devices and sensors have been installed. This collaborative initiative with the Japanese Oriental Company aims to revolutionize urban infrastructure.

Cooling pavement, by reflecting UV rays and absorbing solar radiation more efficiently, holds promise for mitigating overall temperature rise—a significant step toward combating climate challenges.

The blue paint is environmentally friendly as it does not absorb sunlight. The traditional black roads tend to absorb the sunlight resulting in high temperatures. Thus, contributing to global warming. With blue paints, the sunlight is reflected which does not impact the temperatures.

How this initiative helps Qatar to reduce global warming?

This initiative aims to ease discomfort for pedestrians and drivers caused by the heat absorbed by traditional dark-colored asphalt. The use of blue pigment reflects sunlight, thereby lessening its impact on temperatures and aiding in the fight against global warming. Blue roads, predominantly found in Doha, play a crucial role in advancing traffic management and urban planning, with a focus on enhancing conditions for cyclists and promoting sustainable transportation methods. Qatar's commitment to infrastructure development includes the creation of segregated bicycle lanes, aimed at encouraging cycling, alleviating traffic congestion, and reducing carbon emissions. Road marking Qatar specializes in the application of blue paint on roads, with a core focus on environmental sustainability and combating the effects of global warming in Qatar.

Blue-colored roads in Qatar, specifically in the capital city of Doha, serve a specific purpose related to traffic management and urban planning. The blue color is typically used for bicycle lanes or dedicated paths for cyclists, promoting sustainable transportation options and improving road safety for cyclists.

In recent years, Qatar has been investing in infrastructure projects to enhance pedestrian and cyclist-friendly facilities as part of its broader urban development initiatives. The introduction of blue-colored bicycle lanes is one of the measures undertaken to encourage more people to use bicycles for commuting and recreational purposes, thereby reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

These bicycle lanes are often segregated from motor vehicle lanes, either physically or through road markings, to provide a safer environment for cyclists. By designating specific lanes for bicycles, authorities aim to improve the overall traffic flow, promote active transportation, and create a more sustainable and livable city environment.

In addition to blue-colored bicycle lanes, Qatar may also use other colors for various types of lanes or road markings, each serving a specific purpose in terms of traffic management and safety.

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