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MMA Cold Plastic Marking

Manycon is Expert in Cold Paint road marking in Qatar.

The type of paint used on the roads depends on the road surface and the road’s usage. Our team’s expertise in acrylic roads marking will provide any client and/or project with the peace of mind for a well-delivered result.

Acrylic roads marking is mainly applied in parking lots, underground garages, zebra crossings, school area marking, Mall Parking on Concrete surface or Interlock Pavers. It is also ideal for runways, curbstones, speed humps, or other areas with light traffic.

Cold paint Application;

These cold paint Road Marking Material is weather & high abrasion resistant and have a much longer life and are recommended for high traffic areas to perform excellently in areas like pedestrian crossings.

Life time of cold paint application;

Typically needing reapplication every 1-2 years, depending on the traffic and weather conditions they are exposed to. 

Cold Paint Markings: These markings are durable, often lasting for many years before showing signs of wear and tear.

Benefits of cold paint application;

Durability: Cold Plastic Road Marking Paint is renowned for its exceptional durability. Quick Drying: One of the significant advantages of cold plastic paints is their quick-drying nature.
Reflectivity: Enhanced visibility is crucial for road safety, especially during low-light conditions.

Advantages of Cold paint applications:

  • Cold application, reduced safety risk and no hot work.
  • More durable than hot plastic methods.
  • Increase retro reflectivity improving safety and experience for road users.
  • Sustainable with less site visits required, reducing disruption also and reducing worker safety risk.

Cold Paint Road marking Application procedure:

Surface Preparation: Any oil, grease, salt or other contamination shall be removed by suitable cleaning such as steam cleaning or emulsifier cleaning.

Cleaning: The first coat of the coating system (primer) shall be applied as soon as possible after completion of surface preparation, and before the cleanliness has decreased below that specified.

Pre marking:- After surface preparation we must pre-mark the road marking as we require in the sites. This is a necessary step to follow when applying road markings.

Application:- Apply Cold Road marking paint materials on road using an airless spray machine or the automatic methods to the required thickness in one coat with glass beads. Do not apply this product if the relative humidity exceeds 95% or if the substrate temperature is within 3°C from the dew point.

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