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Cycle Track Road markings

Maycon is Expert in Cycle Track road marking in Qatar.

Manycon successfully provide the cycle track marking services In Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India And all over the GCC. The cycle track marking is an exclusive bike facility that combines the user experience of a separated path with the on-street infrastructure of a conventional bike lane. 

A cycle track is physically separated from motor traffic and distinct from the sidewalk. Cycle tracks have different forms but all share common elements—they provide space that is intended to be exclusively or primarily used for bicycles, and are separated from motor vehicle travel lanes, parking lanes, and sidewalks. In situations where on-street parking is allowed cycle tracks are located to the curb-side of the parking (in contrast to bike lanes).

Importance of cycle track marking;

In comparison to busy main roads, a cycle track is a far safer means of travel. With cyclists not competing with vehicles for road space, a cycle track can reduce the risk of collisions and the number of road-traffic incidents.

Benefits of cycle lane;

Improving the health of those choosing to cycle. Reducing motor vehicle congestion. Reducing pollution from motor vehicles.

Rule for cyclist;

Move on the left side of the road. Avoid overtaking. Be in single file if the road is narrow. No acrobatics on road, keep both hands on the handle bar.

Colours of cycle lane;

Cycle lanes are often coloured green or red to make them more visible to drivers.

Distance between cyclist;

Rules of the road say motorists should give cyclists at least the same space as vehicles when overtaking. Anyone encroaching inside that safe passing distance - widely considered to be a minimum of 1.5 metres - runs the risk of being prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.

How to identify cycle lanes;

Cycle lanes are painted on the carriageway, and the surface is often coloured red or green.

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